about Danish Onewheel Games

Why DOG and whats different?

Our Goal

..has been to create competitions where you can have a chance of winning on any board. We started in this diarection even before VESC was a thing. It was to make it equal between XR and Pint. That it just as well wotk on GT and VESC is just a bonus.
Here it is more about skills in riding and balance.
Speed is not that important. We will have 2. See the rules for how it is run.

Our Values

It has to be fun for everyone – also a beginner.
We will have pleanty of activities that new riders can take part in. We will have grouprides and games. And social activities like the bon fire saturday night.
All meals will be had together.



LottrupLykke, Ejlskov Hede 8, 5471 Søndersø, Denmark