Danish Onewheel Games

23-25 August 2024
near Bogense, Fyn, Denmark

A whole weekend all inclusive (camping, food and event)

Max 50 competitors and 50 chill tickets

Our activitys:


We have an obstaclecourse build especially for Onewheel. Here a VESC is not of much of an advantage. It is all about skills on your board.

Chair race

We will do a race for chair. A challenging track with obstacles.

Social ride

Sunday will be a day with games and a long groupride by the coast. We will stop to swim and proberly with lunch at a seafood resturent. This will be only meal you have to pay for.


Normal price 1/4-31/7:
Racing: €75 (14 years and under €49)
Chill: €60 (14 years and under €39)

Late price 1/8-16/8:
Racing: €85 (14 years and under €56)
Chill: €65 (14 years and under €43)

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What else is on the program?


We often go on shorter rides of 10 km. Sunday we will make a long one by the ocean. Lets hope for nice weather!


A track originally developed for unicycling but it works just as good for onewheel. One game that is much used in Denmark is Gladiator.

Bonfire and “hygge”

Hygge is a Danish speciality. Just mean having a good time. Saturday evening we lit a fire and talk and enjoy a beer or more. We sell beer and soda for cash so bring coins.

Link to program – updated

The event is at a private location.

The entiere event will be at the main organizers private property. The adress is:
Ejlskov Hede 8
5471 Søndersø
We will stay at this location. There are area to set up tents and campingcar. Food will be served. Let us know in signup if any special diats.

Find Out More

Pictures of some of the obstacles

See most of the track in action. This is the 2023 track. This year we will a couple new ones.

Onewheel rules in Denmark

In Denmark, onewheels are considered semi-legal in traffic. Similar to most places, they are primarily intended for use in cities, but the police typically don’t mind as long as you ride on the streets or bike paths. this can bi city or countryside.

Wearing a helmet and having lights is mandatory. The maximum legal speed is around 22 km/h, so make sure to slow down if you encounter a police officer. Always ride respectfully around other people to ensure that onewheel riding remains permissible.

A police car has never been seen where the D.O.G. is.

Gladiator game – that is a must.


Dont hesitate to reach out to us if any conserns.

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