Practical info

Practical info

How to get to Danish Onewheel Games?

By public transport

What ever you arive by air to Kastrup (Copenhagen) or to Billund airport you need to tage the train to Odense station.
From there you get on the bus to Hårslev.
There is a timetable here in danish:

From Hårslev it is only 2 km on onewheel, or I can pick you up, since not many onewheels go on the plane.

If you want to ship your onewheel then read how further down.

By car

If you want to go by car then set your GPS for
LottrupLykke, Ejlskov Hede 8, 5471 Søndersø, Denmark

The marker on the map below say Ballonmand. That is the company name on the adress.



LottrupLykke, Ejlskov Hede 8, 5471 Søndersø, Denmark

Send your onewheel

If your flying to Denmark or dont have enough room in your car you are welcome to send your onewheel to my company at the event adress.

Send it to:
Att. Lars Lottrup
Ejlskov Hede 8
5471 Søndersø (or Sonderso)

Ph. +4520885277

What to bring?

  • tent
  • sleeping gear
  • plates, knife, fork, spoon, cup – we take car of the food
  • helmet (mandetory) wrist guards
  • charger
  • perhaps an extencion cord

    If you dont want to sleep in a tent we are working on accomedation with some neighbors. Here you can sleep in a bed and get a shower. Prices will be posted here when agreed with neighbor.

Photo credit

Most photo on this site are from Ron Schwarz. Find him on instagram at @rdsblack
He came to Denmark on holiday and was reaching out to do a groupride. That resulted in a lot of cool photos. Thanks a lot.